A standard epoxy resin dispensing machine has ratio capability over the range of 100:10 to 100:100. This ratio can be easily changed just by replacing the old cylinders. It is capable of dispensing materials having capacity from 5 grams to 70 grams over a cycle. It also comes with an automatic actuation feature for external dispensing valve along with static mixing. Including a provision made for dynamic mixing of two components with an electrical actuator.

System is provided with the facility of rapid priming along with compatibility with materials like water to paste (Low viscous to highly viscous materials) Standard reservoirs are available for material storage.

Reservoirs can be customized as per customer requirements. The operating conditions are 415 VAC (All internal circuits with 24 V) & pneumatic pressure of 5-7 kg/cm2 for all pneumatic components.


  • Positive displacement with fix metering unit.
  • Adaptable to wind range of external fluid reservoir.
  • Volumetric short control, Cycle status indication.
  • Mixing ratio (Fixed ratio): As per material specifications.
  • Low voltage, electronically controlled pneumatic operation.
  • Fully interlocked microprocessor controlled operation.
  • Mixing head design to homogeneously mix & dispensed the two components.
  • Automatic two way positive dispensing flow directional valves for maintaining accurate ratio.
  • Fixed ratios available over a 1:1 to 100:10 over range provide precise ratio control – ratios can be changed with interchangeable cylinders.
  • Standard 4 position field adjustable volume allows each of 4 different size shots to be dispensed with ±2% repeatability.
  • Built in external valve interface allows simple operation of remote valving (any type weather 2 way)
  • Full Volume purge/prime system allow purging or priming without disturbing preset volumes.
Ratio variation: from 100:10 to 100:100.
Tank Size: standard capacity tanks & custom tanks.
Shot size : Designed for Fixed quantity ( from 2 gram to 50 gram )
Flow Rate : Vary with the shot size.
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